Got Herbs?

By Gardennia nutii I grow a lot of herbs. They are fragrant and beautiful, and gathering herbs for a meal satiates the “gatherer” part of my instinctual needs. I’m sure most of our readers grow herbs, the popular ones being basil, chives, sage, rosemary, thyme and oregano. These are all great—essential in fact—but I thought […]


I planted several Clematis around the base of an old and very tall mock orange (Philadelphus). The shrub looks a little forlorn until it leafs out fully and blooms, which, serendipitously, happens during summer solstice. Until then, it’s just a woody, awkward shrub that is front and center in my back garden. Hoping to spice […]

Knee Jerk Reactions

By Gardennia nutiiI had an experience last week which is applicable to many avenues in life. When telling a friend about my new puppy arrival she stated obstinately that she “didn’t like” that breed and ended the discussion before I could tell her all the cute things about him. I’m a dog lover by nature, […]

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