Set seeds on the right path with homemade planting medium

While you’re battling the winter blues, make your own seed-starting mix and plan for the gardening days ahead. Home gardeners can start vegetable and flower seedlings indoors from four to 12 weeks before the last average spring frost in their area, which means it’s time to get started. Making homemade planting medium can be more […]

When planning next year’s garden, turn to popular native plants

As you look back at last year’s garden and begin to plan next year’s,  consider the benefits of native plants. “There’s a new aesthetic,” said Weston Miller, horticulturist with Oregon State University’s Extension Service. “Gardeners want to connect to nature and the heritage of plants that grow in the Pacific Northwest.” Part of the draw […]

Dig into hundreds of publications from OSU Extension online catalog

The gardening season is over and chances are you had some failures. That’s okay. Every gardener does. To help turn your failures into successes – and learn much more – turn to Oregon State University Extension Service’s online catalog where you’ll find almost 200 garden-related guides. One of the most popular is Growing Your Own, […]

Kickoff the holiday season at Garden Gallery Iron Works

Saturday, November 16 at Garden Gallery Iron Works 2967 Industrial Avenue, Hubbard, OR Shop among their gorgeous fully-decorated Christmas trees and see the selection of beautiful holiday décor and gifts. Save 25% off your entire purchase during this event. Oregon artist Dean Crouser will be their special guest, 11am–2pm. They’re opening early for this event, […]

Light exposure key for growing successful houseplants

Gardeners hear it often enough: right plant, right place. It’s a fundamental rule of gardening, said Heather Stoven, a horticulturist with Oregon State University Extension Service, and one that applies to houseplants just as much as outdoor ones. “Make sure you buy for location,” she said. “That will help solve many problems that can come […]

Snip some stems and have new plants in spring

Snipping some cuttings from the garden this time of year will produce your own private nursery of plants by spring. Whether you plant the results of your “snip and stick” project or give them away, propagating by cuttings can be a rewarding process. Although some sources of information can be intimidating, Neil Bell, a horticulturist […]

Put out the welcome mat for birds in winter

As we begin the slide into winter and summer’s bounty recedes, birds welcome the extra nutrition offered by backyard feeders. When putting out a banquet of supplemental food, high quality is essential, said Dana Sanchez, a wildlife specialist for Oregon State University Extension Service. Mixes with red millet, golden millet, flax seed, rape seed and […]

Saucy shrubs strut their stuff in fall

Mild days and cool nights this fall promised a spectacular show of color, and the promise came true. “This fall has been the best year for color in recent memory,” said Neil Bell, a horticulturist with Oregon State University Extension Service. “The weather has been perfect for the brilliant show we’re enjoying.” It takes a […]

What’s next in the world of plants

Every August, Portland plays host to the Farwest Show, which is one of the biggest nursery and greenhouse industry trade shows in the country. It is one of the events I look forward to because it provides the opportunity to see what is next in the world of plants.These are the plants that we will […]

Gather nuts frequently as they fall from the tree

Hazelnut, walnut or chestnut trees in your home orchard can keep you supplied with nuts for months if you know the best ways to harvest, handle and store them. Harvesting hazelnuts means gathering them as they fall from the trees – before autumn rains, if possible, said Ross Penhallegon, a horticulturist with Oregon State University’s […]

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