Leaf drop after ash blackout shouldn’t be of concern

The clouds of smoke and raining ash are over, but for some common evergreen plants the damage has been done. Don’t worry, it’s most likely temporary. “With the heavy smoke that pushed air quality off the charts, we have seen unusual defoliation in plants,” said Jay Pscheidt, Oregon State University Extension Service pathologist. “Much of […]

Yes, you can! Create a garden with therapeutic benefits

Originally appeared at National Gardening Bureau Written by Lesley Fleming, Nova Scotia Horticulture for Health Network Therapeutic gardens, typically seen at healthcare facilities, are “designed for use as a component of a treatment, rehabilitation, or vocational program… to meet the needs of a specific user or population…to accommodate participant’s goals and to facilitate people-plant interactions” (American Horticultural […]

Fall is the perfect time to plant shrubs

Originally appeared at National Gardening Bureau Shrubs are some of the most reliable and hardworking plants in the garden. They are long-lived, big enough to make an impact while still fitting into gardens of any size (even container gardens!), and some offer the same flowers, fragrance, leaf color, or pollinator appeal as your favorite annuals and perennials. […]

Fall-planted bulbs lead to a colorful spring

Originally appeared at National Gardening Bureau Fall is in the air and that means it’s time for mums, pumpkins, apples … and planting spring-blooming flower bulbs! Invest an hour or two this fall to enjoy weeks of color next spring. Flowering fall bulbs have an important energy reserve. Inside each bulb is a reserve of stored energy that […]

Houseplants Make Us Happy, Keep Us Healthy!

Originally appeared at National Gardening Bureau The houseplant is making a comeback, and it couldn’t come at a better time than in the midst of a pandemic. With so many people these days working from home offices and generally spending more time in their kitchens, living rooms, and family rooms, houseplants provide environmental, health, and ornamental benefits […]

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