Help Pollinators! 15 Questions and Answers About Growing Wildflowers!

Originally appeared at National Gardening Bureau. Wildflowers are one of Mother Nature’s loveliest gifts and a perfect addition to your Victory Garden 2.0. Their changing panorama of colors, shapes, sizes, and heights provides delight throughout the seasons. Wildflowers can be used anywhere. In the home landscape, they are ideal for creating colorful beds and borders, […]

Use vigilance in controlling problems in the vegetable patch

Freshly planted and carefully tended, vegetable gardens can quickly become a magnet for trouble. Problems seem to spring up overnight. Weeds, for instance, can overtake a garden in days. Slugs munch on seedlings. Aphids suck the juices from any number of plants. And that white butterfly you see fluttering around? It’s a cabbage white butterfly […]

OSU Extension’s Food Hero to distribute 80,000 seeds as part of Grow This! Oregon Garden Challenge

Interest in home gardening has skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, the Food Hero team at Oregon State University Extension Service is offering Oregonians a unique opportunity to grow vegetables and fruits at home. Food Hero, a social marketing campaign that empowers families to make food choices that are healthy, fun and tasty, is […]

Learn about pruning berries, kiwifruit and grapes in online classes

When homeowners set out to prune grapes, kiwifruit and other berry crops, they often stand in front of the plant at a complete loss. Just getting started is intimidating. “Over my many years at OSU, pruning has been the single most common question and challenge for home gardeners,” said Bernadine Strik, professor and Oregon State […]

Top 15 Questions and Answers About Growing Peppers!

Originally appeared at National Gardening Bureau. 1. I started bell pepper seeds indoors and they looked great. Hardened them off and transitioned outside. Still great, just zero growth in 3 weeks. Is that normal? Peppers thrive in warm weather and really struggle under cool, wet conditions. If the soil temperatures are too cool and/or too […]

OSU Extension continues gardening education during COVID-19

For decades, Oregon State University Extension Service relied on face-to-face interactions to provide gardening education to Oregonians. That all changed with the COVID-19 crisis and Oregon’s actions to limit the spread of the virus. To satisfy a public that has become keenly interested in gardening, particularly edible gardening, OSU Extension Master Gardeners are answering questions […]

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