Adding compost improves soil’s texture and adds nutrients

Adding organic matter is the best way to improve nearly all kinds of soils. If you’re unsure if your soil needs amendments, take note if it dries and cracks in summer, drains slowly or is difficult to dig whether wet or dry. Adding organic materials improves the ability of sandy soils to hold nutrients and […]

Offer robins what they need and they’ll stick around

American robins are a favorite harbinger of spring, but most people take this ubiquitous Oregon native for granted. Though still abundant, robins are on the decline in urban settings and could use some help from homeowners. Oregon State University Extension Service wildlife experts encourage Oregonians to learn more about these underappreciated native birds. They’ve developed […]

OSU Extension gives away free seeds for Grow This! Garden Challenge

Almost 38,000 free seed packets will be distributed by Oregon State University Extension Service to Oregonians who show no signs of losing the enthusiasm for gardening generated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Grow This! Oregon Garden Challenge kicks off March 1 when people can sign up and start preparing to collect their seed kits at the […]

With the right care, asparagus beds will last decades

Growing asparagus requires patience – from planting to harvest takes two to three years, but the wait is well worth the reward. Homegrown asparagus is one of the earliest vegetables of spring. Its quality is much better than store-bought spears, and it’s less expensive. Once established, this vegetable easy to grow. And asparagus is beautiful. […]

Gateways and Gathering Spots: Your Guide to Garden Gates, Gazebos, and More

Originally appeared at National Gardening Bureau Impress your visitors with gates, gazebos, and other graceful garden structures that create warm welcomes and cool resting spots. Weary winter months make us long for spring, but chilly days serve a perfect purpose: planning garden additions. Walking in the winter garden helps you assess its bones—the structural elements of your […]

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