Plants Make Life Better

Plants make life better! And they do it in many ways — some obvious and some not so obvious. Here are the research-proven things that plants do.

Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

Download: Houseplants Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

Take the Edge off Stress

Download: Plants take the edge off stress in the workplace

Provide Healing Powers

Download: Plants have healing powers

Boosts property values

Download: Landscape boosts property values.

Promote safety and cut crime

Download: Plants promote safety and cut crime.

Green Space Encourage Good Health

Download: Green Spaces Encourage Good Health.

Outdoor plants benefit businesses

Download: Outdoor plants benefit businesses.

Saves energy and maintenance costs

Download: Plants save energy and maintenance costs.

Help kids learn

Download: Plants help kids learn.

Improve air quality

Download: Trees improve air quality.

Purify our water

Download: Plants purify our water.

Nourish ecosystems

Download: Plants nourish ecosystems

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