Love them or leave them: Fruit trees take plenty of work

People tend to have a love-hate relationship with their fruit trees. The fruit they love; the work they hate. The regimen of spraying turns off home gardeners, said Steve Renquist, recently retired horticulturist with Oregon State University’s Extension Service. But times have changed. Research has resulted in easier methods of dealing with pests and diseases, […]

Stay on top of moisture and insect damage or pay the price

Ignoring moisture and insect damage in the home leads to serious problems down the line. Annual inspection is essential to head them off. Whether you do it yourself or hire someone, start your inspection by checking out this article from the Oregon State University Extension Service on home moisture problems to help solve many problems […]

Start now to get color from last year’s poinsettias in time for the holidays

Holding onto poinsettias after the holidays is good for the pocketbook but hard on the ego when you can’t get them to color up the next year. Experts at Oregon State University Extension Service say now’s the time to start coaxing poinsettias back into color and bloom for December. Sensitive to day length, the poinsettia […]

Seize some seeds from the garden for planting next year

As the gardening season winds down and you pick the season’s last vegetables, you can let some plants go to seed and harvest them for planting next year. “Saving seed can be really fun and is a great way to learn about plants,” said Weston Miller, a horticulturist with Oregon State University Extension Service. “If […]

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