How long does it take?

Did you know it takes more than eight years to grow an Alberta spruce into a #5* spiral? If they “stuck” the Alberta spruce liner in a #1* pot today, it would be ready for sale in the year 2018. And really, who can guess how many #5 Alberta spruce spirals the country will want […]

Life is good in the garden

Why is life good in the garden? For some, it’s relaxing with friends and family over a meal, ice tea or glass of wine. Or watching the kids race around playing games, laughing all the while. For me, a notable introvert, it’s having quiet interludes with a few friends walking around the garden to discover […]

Circle of Forgotten Plants

By Gardennia nuttiThe past few years I’ve made a concerted effort to introduce more fall and winter interest plants to my front garden. Part of that effort included planting a mass of asters which replaced diseased-ridden and lack-luster roses. I really enjoyed the late season color the asters brought to the garden the first few […]

Summer year round

Girls like flowers. Turns out guys like flowers, too (it’s been scientifically proven). Martin Meskers, owner of Oregon Flowers Inc., Oregon’s largest cut flower nursery, gave some garden writer friends and me a tour of his operation, a world where it’s summer every day of the year (except in the cooler, of course). Started 25 […]

Let me count the ways…

I try to squeeze in as many Yard, Garden & Patio Show (YGP) seminars as possible in amongst my official OAN duties. The full schedule can be found at I’ve got to say, there are so many great topics and speakers, it is going to be difficult to choose. (A HUGE thank you to […]


I’ve been forcing myself to feel what it’s like to be in a disaster situation such as Haiti is experiencing. I want to try to understand how I—and my fellow Portlanders—might react to and be prepared for “the big one” and the damage it would likely cause. It’s an unsettling feeling, to say the least. […]

Phormiums as Annuals?

A few people, even in our USDA Zone 7-8, have told me they treat roses as annuals (gasp!). They buy them bare root, enjoy them for the season then yank them out and start over the following year. It took me years not to feel guilty about composting Poinsettias after the holidays, so I could […]

Signs of Spring

By Gardennia nutti For many people, signs of spring are wonderful bulbs that pop up to greet us with their sunny faces, the fragrance and flowers of witch hazel, or a mist of beautiful yellow forsythia. For me, the spring litmus test is a bit different: A new bottle of Advil (or other anti-inflammatory over […]

Is it designed?

There are some gardens that cause me to pause as I’m walking by. When it happens, I often wonder if the garden has been professionally designed. Pleasing proportions, interesting design elements and textures, and exceptional plant combinations seem to be hallmarks of a well-designed—and often professionally designed—garden. I’ve designed parts of my own garden but […]

Oregon Clematis Collection Granted National Status

From Linda Beutler, Curator of the Rogerson Clematis Collection The Rogerson Clematis Collection, the most comprehensive gathering of the genus clematis in the United States, has recently been granted National Collection status by the North American Plant Collections Consortium. Located in our own backyard at Luscher Farm in Lake Oswego, the Rogerson Collection has amassed […]

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