Garden Tours – A Photo Essay

One of my favorite pastimes is visiting other people’s gardens. It is fascinating to see how people use and create space and select plants. In June, I took advantage of the many garden tours (ANLD’s 9th Annual Designers Garden Tour and Raleigh Park Garden Tour) and Hardy Plant Society of Oregon open gardens. These photos are just a few of some of my favorite moments. Thank you to all the gardeners that willingly shared their private spaces with us.

Soothing, gentle bubbler in Adriana Berry’s garden
Barbara Blossom has a knack for plant
combinations, including the loveliest Ninebarks

Designed by Izzy Baptista,
entries should make a statement
A fabulous container

Zen in Barbara Blossom’s garden.
Statue by Patrick Gracewood
Hebe ochracea ‘James Stirling’
Vern Nelson bakes bread and much
more for friends and family
A sunny sedum border

Using every square inch in the garden,
including squeezing in raised vegetable beds
Creating a permanent centerpiece with sedums

The Rondone garden uses still water  to create calm

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