How to rebuild healthy soil this winter

You can rejuvenate and replenish your soil’s fertility and structure at the end of the growing season by planting cover crops. With the first chill of fall, many gardeners sigh with relief.  Sweltering summer days filled with watering, weeding, and harvesting seems like a distant memory, while the promise of a winter rest entices gardeners […]

Flower Power in the Pollinator Victory Garden

Originally appeared in Nation Garden Bureau Flowers are some of the most important food sources for pollinators, but there’s more to it than planting flowers and waiting for pollinators to appear. A successful Pollinator Victory Garden achieves a balance between two seemingly disparate principles: plant diversity and plant sufficiency. Your garden needs to have a wide […]

How to Grow Hyacinths in the Garden

Hyacinths are spring-flowering bulbs that are treasured by gardeners for their heavenly fragrance. Overview and History Flower lovers began cultivating hyacinths more than 400 years ago. During the 18th century, they were the most popular spring bulbs in the world, and Dutch growers offered more than 2000 named cultivars. Today, there are less than 50 cultivars […]

Quick and Easy Summer Edible Containers

If you’re craving homegrown goodies but lack garden space, you’ll find fabulous new vegetable introductions that work wonderfully in your edible containers. While many tomatoes can grow in pots, you’ll need a large, 5-gallon container to grow traditional varieties. However, with advances in breeding, new, compact varieties make the perfect addition to container gardens, even growing […]

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