Four hydrangea myths busted

Written By: Lorraine Ballato Author of: Success With Hydrangeas: A Gardener’s Guide Gardeners are waking up all over the country. How do I know this? I am seeing all sorts of garden-related info flash across my devices, from Yahoo News to horticultural sites, to personal blogs. But what gets most of my attention these days is all of the […]

Houseplants are the New Officeplants

Humans breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, plants “breathe” in the carbon dioxide and release oxygen. We are perfect partners with plants. While we have officed at home, more and more of us have felt the benefits of houseplants. Filling our home office with undemanding plants we’ve understood more fully the calm they can […]

The complete beginner’s guide to Peperomias (plus popular varieties)

Originally appeared in the Nation Garden Bureau Why Grow Peperomias? Peperomias are part of the Piperaceae plant family which contains a number of delightful and popular houseplants. Commonly called “Radiator Plant”, there are more than 1500 species of Peperomia with most of them hailing from tropical Central and South America. Peperomia plants are grown for their […]

Tips for Making Your Poinsettia Shine Through the Season and Beyond

Originally appeared National Garden Bureau Ask The Experts about Poinsettias! Few plants are as iconic as the poinsettia. The eye-catching blooms are a holiday tradition around the world. But the blooms aren’t a flower at all, they’re actually the leaves, or bracts, of the plant. Poinsettia are native to Central America, and in 1825, those stunning red leaves captured the attention of the […]

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