Gardeners flock to phlox

This wildflower perennial works well in woodland, prairie and meadow landscape Phlox are an easy-to-find wildflower stretching from Florida and Quebec to Alaska. One of the classic American perennials, this was one of the earliest North American natives to enter cultivation. With vibrant flower colors and blooms lasting many weeks, it is easy to understand what […]

Wildflower Seed Paper: 9 Steps to Make Your Own

This handmade, Earth-inspired paper is made with recycled paper and embedded with wildflower seeds. A meaningful way to celebrate our planet! Makes a beautiful gift for family and friends. Material Needed: Scrap paper (suggested types listed below) Wooden frame (build your own or use an old picture frame) Window screening (you will need a number of pieces that are […]

A goth garden may suit your spooky taste

Do you gravitate to graveyards, finding ancient tombstones creepily intriguing? Do you prefer reading Daphne du Maurier to Sophie Kinsella? Do you relish an antique aesthetic rather than farmhouse chic? If your personal taste leans more toward creepy, mysterious vibes than pretty, perky designs, then a goth garden may be the perfect solution for your outdoor […]

Four hydrangea myths busted

Written By: Lorraine Ballato Author of: Success With Hydrangeas: A Gardener’s Guide Gardeners are waking up all over the country. How do I know this? I am seeing all sorts of garden-related info flash across my devices, from Yahoo News to horticultural sites, to personal blogs. But what gets most of my attention these days is all of the […]

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