Naturally-Shaped Organic Christmas Trees

Larry Arendt, owner of Arendt’s Christmas Tree Farm, planted noble and Frasier firs a few years back as part of his retirement strategy. He decided he wanted to let the trees grow in their natural shape; no trimming allows the naturally wide-spaced branching to show off all those beautiful ornaments you are collecting. He also decided not to spray his field of trees. Benefits of this practice include grass growing between the rows to minimize mud on the trees (and your shoes and knees). Most all the trees are beautifully shaped just as nature intended. For the past two years, I found the perfect tree in minutes instead of the typical longer-than-a-few-minutes traipsing around a u-cut field because I’m picky about my Christmas trees.

Arendt’s Christmas Tree Farm is easy to find. Exit off I-5 at the Aurora exit (#278) and turn west (right if you are coming from Portland; left under the overpass if you’re coming from Salem). Turn left on Case Rd.; the tree farm will be on your right. Address is 20757 Case Rd., Aurora, Ore. Cell phone is 503.318.7977. Cost is $25 a tree regardless of size. Larry says “they’re looking great!” They have saws you can borrow, too.

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