Garden Gala at The Oregon Garden

You’re invited to the Garden Gala at The Oregon Garden
All gardeners and plant enthusiasts are invited to network with other exuberant growers at the Garden Gala at The Oregon Garden, starting at 4 p.m. Saturday, April 27 at the Oregon Garden, 879 West Main Street, Silverton, Oregon. This social event welcomes horticulturists of all skill levels to tour the garden, enjoy dinner and a presentation, and participate in a silent auction. Take advantage of early bird pricing by purchasing your tickets before Friday, March 22. Guests may reserve a full table of eight or purchase individual tickets online.

The Garden Gala will feature an informal presentation by Richie Steffen, a well-known horticulturalist and curator of the Elisabeth Miller Botanical Garden and Great Plant Picks program.

Proceeds will be used by the Oregon Garden Foundation to provide educational experiences and to improve the garden’s plant collection.


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