Favorite Garden Spaces

I look out at this part of my garden every morning. In summer, the light streams through the tall trees that surround my yard and filters into this part of the patio. It reminds me of a park and gives me an expansive sense of peace. It’s a relaxing way to start the morning peering out my bedroom window to see how things are growing, what’s in bloom and what plant combinations are working well.

I love the way the large container has filled in and anchors the space. It helps me to feel grounded. I love watching birds bathing in the bird bath and the butterflies flitting about the flowers. And, for many reasons, I love my Harlequin Glorybower that’s blooming: the fragrance is unbelievable—intense but not cloying—and wafts in my bedroom window and around the garden; the hummingbirds love it; and it was given to me by a special person in the nursery industry, Norbert Kinen of Kinen’s Big & Phat Special Plants, a wholesale nursery in Gresham.

On warmer mornings, I enjoy sipping my morning cup of tea and reading the paper while sitting on the bench. It’s an area that is shaded in the afternoon so it’s a perfect place to rest after a morning of working in the garden.

If you have a favorite place in your garden, please share a photo and description with us. We’d love to share it with our other readers.

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