Play Dirty. Plant Something!

Barney loves to play dirty!

Governor John Kitzhaber has declared that September will be “Fall is for Planting Month” in the state of Oregon (click here to see the proclamation).

For many, planting trees, shrubs and flowers at any time of year is a fun and fulfilling part of an active, healthy lifestyle. It’s particularly easy to do in the fall because Mother Nature takes care of the plant and you don’t have to!

The Oregon Association of Nurseries and 11 other horticulture associations around the U.S. and Canada want to spread the word that plants are good for us, good for the environment and good for home values and communities. Check out Plant Something™. In fact, Dr. Charlie Hall, Professor and Ellison Chair in International Floriculture, Texas A&M University, reported that for every dollar invested in plants in the landscape, the homeowner averages a $1.09 return on the investment, a larger return than any interior remodeling. Home or kitchen remodels, by contrast, generate 73 cents of home value for every dollar invested.

We’re told consumers are seeking ways to simplify their lives, decrease their stress, and get back to nature. More and more people are embracing “well-being” trends. Does this sound like you? Gardening and the horticulture industry should fit right in!

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