Favorite (Garden) Things

Two gardening shows—the Northwest Flower & Garden Show, Seattle, Wash., and the Yard, Garden & Patio Show, Portland, Ore.—provided lots of new ways of thinking about gardening. It’s always fun to talk with gardening friends to see what favorite things were. Here’s a short list that will inspire me this year in the garden and house.

Plant a table full of color and texture, including herbs and other edibles. This table was designed by P. Annie Kirk, Redbird Restorative Gardens for Bauman Farms.
Aren’t these adorable and clever? “Sea urchin” air plants (Tillandsia) grow without soil and with just a little water. Click here for more care instructions.
Part of the Abundant Nature garden display, this hobbit door with its Celtic (and Trillium) design charmed me and many other visitors. It was created by Jane Hart, Jane’s Backyard.

Edible sculpture? What an interesting concept and great if you have sufficient light to get the lettuce to grow indoors. Of course, it could be grown outdoors this way, too.
This may be the best use of broken pottery ever! Eminently more charming than white plastic plant tags.
Appearing at both garden shows, prayer wheels by artist Christopher Moench touched my heart. I would love to have one in my garden to encourage me to pause and remind me of all my blessings.
This sculpture was perfectly lit and positioned to reinforce its strength and humble pose. It was in the The Art of Tranquility Showcase Garden designed by landscape architect Iftikhar Ahmed, Treeline Designz.

Gardens can be underwater, too, right? This was a lush aquarium that was a different take on miniature gardening. And, like gardening, gazing at aquarium fish reduces stress and subsequently lowers blood pressure.

As some readers know, I’m not a spiky plant enthusiast in general, however, this vignette at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show was truly inspired. I didn’t record who designed it, but their attention to detail was inspired!

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