Creating Sound and Movement with Water

Creating sound and movement in the garden with water provides its own rewards, and it doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive. You and your (human) garden visitors will feel its calming effects and wildlife—be it bees, birds or your canine companion—will be refreshed as well.

My garden offers three still basins of water with their reflective, zen-like qualities and three bubbling versions. (Barney, my adorable Golden Retriever, likes to drink from all of them!)

A ceramic pot (silicon fills the holes to make it water tight) and bamboo fountain mask the noise of the neighborhood. Class balls add color. Photo: Janet Loughrey

A standalone fountain draws people onto the patio. The bees sip from the edges, which was a delightful surprise.  Photo: Janet Loughrey

One of two basalt bubblers create a natural looking bath for the birds.

Garden shows, in this case the Yard, Garden & Patio Show, offer ideas, too. And garden tours are always good for new ways to elegantly—or simply—create movement and soothing sounds with water.

Dennis’ 7 Dees Showcase Garden Come Alive Outside features plumbing parts and an agricultural stock tank
The entry to Jenna Bayer’s A Bountiful Feast…Trowel to Table Showcase Garden featured this water sculpture.
A gentle wall of water. Photo: Curt Kipp
Landscape designer Andriana Berry, APLD, created this gentle water feature in her garden.

Do you have a favorite type of water feature?

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