10 Tips To Create Your Victory Garden 2.0 for Pollinators!

Originally appeared at National Gardening Bureau. 1. Plant for a succession of blooms throughout the growing season. Different pollinator species emerge at various times of the year and have different lifespans and periods of activity. Create an ongoing pollinator buffet throughout the growing season by planting a succession of overlapping blooms. 2. Include some native plants […]

OSU Extension Master Gardener discovers novel way to control cabbage white worm

Jesse Garcia likes kale – he really likes kale. So, when his crop got infested with cabbage worms, he came up with a novel approach to pest control. Garcia, an Oregon State University Extension Service Master Gardener, moved to the Willamette Valley in 2016 and planted a substantial vegetable garden two years later. Late that […]

5 Tips on Creating Your Own Raised Garden Bed

Originally appeared at National Gardening Bureau. Today’s gardeners have more options for where and how to start their gardens than the original Victory Gardeners. Of course, in-ground is always an option, as are container gardens for your Victory Garden 2.0. Raised beds are another option. Don’t be intimidated, we’ll explain how easy it is to […]

Carefree succulents continue to grow in popularity

About 10 years ago, succulents began an extraordinary rise in popularity. They turned up everywhere – on windowsills, in wreaths and centerpieces, arranged in frames, even dyed. Nowadays, succulents are hipper than ever. Everyone seems to have at least one. Marcia Sherry, an Oregon State University Extension Service Master Gardener since 1999, has many more […]

Wildflowers give the garden a charming, informal look

Annuals live a short, sweet life. They bloom, make seed and die. Fortunately for us, they return year after year if left to go to seed. Besides being lovely to look at, annuals attract pollinators that sip their nectar and/or cart off their pollen, feeding the insects, butterflies and hummingbirds who, in turn, pollinate the […]

Add strawberries to the garden for a sweet harvest

Now that many people are staying home, interest in gardening – especially edible gardening – has skyrocketed. Strawberries are a no brainer for both beginning and experienced gardeners and you’ll find nurseries well stocked in spring with potted plants. Recognizing how important gardening is in times of crisis, many nurseries have remained open, at least […]

Divide and conquer plants to keep them healthy and productive

While you’re weeding and seeding and planting and pruning, there’s one more thing to put on your plate: dividing. Dividing is a matter of digging up plants, prying them apart with your hands, spades, knives or an ax and replanting them in new holes, said Weston Miller, a horticulturist for Oregon State University’s Extension Service. […]

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