Establish a lush lawn by renovating or planting in early fall

Lawns languish in the heat of summer unless showered with the water they require to thrive. But not to worry, the grass isn’t dead. Come fall when the rains start again, grass greens up quickly, said Alec Kowalewski, turf specialist for Oregon State University’s Extension Service. While letting your lawn go dormant in summer isn’t […]

OSU honors 30 master gardeners

Thirty dedicated Oregon State University Master Gardener volunteers have been recognized for service to their counties and communities. The awardees are among more than 3,300 people trained by the OSU Extension Service who share their knowledge of sustainable gardening and OSU home horticulture resources. The OSU Master Gardener program and the Oregon Master Gardener Association, […]

Red worms turn kitchen waste to gold

Impressed by compost’s contribution to the soil, gardeners conferred on it the nickname “black gold.” Even more beneficial worm castings could take the title “black diamonds.” Just ask true believer Larry Steele, an Oregon State University Extension Service master gardener who commends the rich nutrition of red-worm manure, also known as castings. “I started with […]

Plant fall crops while enjoying summer’s bounty

As we settle in at the groaning table of summer’s harvest, savvy gardeners pause long enough to consider the coming season. “Most folks are familiar with and love summer vegetables, but if you want to maximize your food and nutrition, then growing fall crops is a great strategy,” said Weston Miller, a horticulturist with Oregon […]

Birds welcome variety that comes with backyard feeders

Even in summer when there’s plenty of sustenance from plants and insects, birds welcome the variety of seeds and nuts offered in bird feeders. When putting out a banquet of supplemental food, high quality is essential, said Dana Sanchez, a wildlife specialist for Oregon State University Extension Service. Mixes with red millet, golden millet, flax […]

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