Savory Saffron

Black Gold One of the most expensive spices in the world by weight is saffron. And saffron is dried elongated crimson stigmas from the saffron crocus (Crocus sativus). Each crocus corm produces up to four flowers and each bloom produces only three stigmas. The stigmas and their stalks (i.e., styles) are painstakingly clipped by hand, […]

Can Earthworms Help Prevent Slug Damage?

Information provided by  Meta®/Lonza, a sponsor of the Yard, Garden & Patio Show and “Earthworms in Your Garden May Help Prevent Invasive Slugs from Devouring Plants,” a blog by Mohi Kumar for, May 16, 2013. Photo: Robin Rosetta, Oregon State University Scientists at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna found that […]

Fish Bowl Gardening

You won’t see cat or “What does the fox say” videos on Random Acts of Gardening even though they are all the rage. But what I will share with you is a Jonn Karsseboom (chief Garden Rebel at The Garden Corner) video sharing how to make a hanging garden from a repurposed fish bowl. The […]

Longwood Gardens – Part II

Colocasia (left to right) ‘Blue Hawaii’, ‘Elepaio’, ‘Mojito’ and ‘Thailand Giant’ I was at Longwood Gardens in September for an International Trial Gardens Conference. The gardens, renowned for its conservatory—click here for some photos—topiary garden, perennial border, fountains and many other features, has added trial garden plots to its list of reasons to visit. The […]

Wanted: Garden Observers!

Editor’s Note: This information first came to my attention when I read Bart Ziegler’s October 4, 2013 column in The Wall Street Journal titled “‘Crowdsourcing’ Comes to the Garden.” Ziegler is a news editor and gardening columnist for The Wall Street Journal. “The leaves fell early this year.” Or, “Spring arrived late this year.” Sound […]

Getting the Gardening Bug

Once upon a time, 25 years ago, a young(ish) new homeowner accompanied a much wiser more experienced gardening friend to one of her favorite places to shop for plants. I’m not sure it had a name at the time, but it now is known as Farmington Gardens. It was located a short distance west of […]

A Breathing Earth

The season is changing: more darkness and less light; more rain and fewer dry, sunny days; predominantly green leaves turning to reds, golds and russets; and more time spent inside than out. Some look forward to the coziness of autumn “nesting” at home and to slowing down the pace of our lives. Some of us […]

To Bait, or not to Bait, that is a Question

Information provided by Meta®/Lonza, a sponsor of the Yard, Garden & Patio Show, and Oregon State University. Taking action in the fall, gardeners can limit a major slug or snail problem come springtime. Many of us do little until we see slugs and snails in the spring. The mollusks breed during the fall, laying as […]

Spring Fireworks in 30 minutes – a bulb planting primer

Information courtesy of Colorblends, a wholesale bulb company [Editor’s Note: The planting technique described below should work for all bulbs. For glorious Oregon-grown bulbs, check out Wooden Shoe Bulb Company and Grant Mitsch Novelty Daffodils. Bulbs ready for fall planting can be found at your local garden centers.] From meals to workouts, 30 minutes seems […]

A Visit to Longwood Gardens

I had the pleasure of attending a work-related conference at Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, Penn. I know, I know: Pinch me, I’m working! In the coming weeks, I thought I would share images of some of the wonders at Longwood. Let’s start with a wee bit of history then it’s on to photos taken in […]

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