Vote for the Oregon Garden!

The Oregon Garden has an exciting opportunity to win a $10,000 grant from Rainbird, but they need your help to win. The project with the most votes wins the grant, so they hope you and your friends will vote every day.

Photo: Oregon Garden

The most prominent wetland feature in The Garden itself is the four acre site consisting of 15 linked ponds. These ponds are flooded with treated wastewater from Silverton. After the wastewater goes through secondary treatment, it is pumped through 16″ pipe to The Garden. Depending on the time of day and irrigation needs, between 100 and 400 gallons of water are pumped per minute. The water is released into the wetland at the top of the hill. Once it trickles down through the various ponds, it is collected in two underground storage tanks to be used for irrigation throughout The Garden. This recycled water also supplies a number of additional ponds near The Garden entrance.

Not only does this innovative water feature provide irrigation for The Garden and wetland mitigation for the city, it also offers educational experiences for more than 100,000 annual visitors to The Oregon Garden. Each year 6,000 5th Grade students learn about “Amazing Aqua Life” with the wetlands as their living classroom.

Vote today! Everyone one can vote once a day between now and March 22. Here’s how:

Click HERE to go directly to the Oregon Garden project, OR go to click on the banner “Find and vote for a project”. Where it says “search projects” type Silverton into the box that says “City or State” and click on the green arrow button. You should end up on a page that says “Wetlands Treated Waste Water.” Click on the thumbs up icon to place your vote.