Favorite (YGP) Things – Part 2

The 2012 Yard, Garden & Patio Show seems like a distant memory, but there were a lot of ideas at the show that I thought worthy of sharing. (Click here to read Part 1.)

In no particular order…

A Great Plant Picks, Nandina domestica ‘Moon Bay’ lit up several displays with its intense orangey-red winter leaves including the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon (HPSO) winter interest display, a fixture at the Yard, Garden & Patio Show.

I was intrigued by these copper panels created by Portland area landscape architect Larry Cavender. I really liked the shape, patina and possibilities.

Landscape designer Paul Taylor created an engaging garden vignette that is easily imagined installed in a home garden. Every year, he finds the work of interesting artists to incorporate into his designs. He outdid himself this year.

Patrick Gracewood’s St. Francis appeared in the last year’s YGP show, but I never tire of it. In fact, I’ve made a not-so-secret wish that one day it will appear in my garden. This year, I found it in landscape designer Pamela Kill’s garden vignette.

I love this little vignette found in the Dennis’ 7 Dees booth (they are the presenting sponsor of the Yard, Garden & Patio Show) with its brightly painted furniture, color palette and mix of plants and hard goods.

Versailles Gardens & Interiors imports pottery from France. These examples, found appropriately enough at the entrance to the French-style showcase garden, beckoned visitors into the garden’s courtyard. The lanterns manage to be sophisticated and rustic at the same time and the color of the glaze adds elegance. I imagine the cutwork design would cast lovely evening shadows…

Also in the French-inspired garden designed and constructed by L Meyer Design and J. P. Stone Contractors, was this table decoration. Charming in its simplicity, picture a convivial gathering of friends and family enjoying a robust meal at the table.

Izzy Baptista, Lapis Lazuli Tile & Garden Design, created the garden’s design and hand-painted these traditional Portuguese tiles based on 16th century designs (she studied with a Portuguese tile master). The garden was constructed by PGM Landscape. Portugal is one of my “bucket list” places to travel. I can imagine myself there already…

The English garden designed and created by Aspen Creek Landscaping, was formal by nature, but they added elements of inspired whimsy. My favorite whimsical touch was artist Michelle Gallagher’s garden-head-with-the-Mona-Lisa-smile as a pillar finial; but then again, I have a bronze raven-with-a-party-hat sculpture next to my front door. It’s a good reminder that gardens shouldn’t take themselves too seriously.

The Zen garden designed by Iftikhar Ahmed, Treeline Designz, and built by Baseline Landscapes incorporated sculpture throughout. This bamboo sculpture and the pale green Buddha created with recycled glass (in the background) were particularly intriguing and helped create the juxtaposition of contemporary style with traditional design elements.