Fall Veggie Plans

I’m ready to pull out the some of the summer veggies that have bolted or withered and plant my fall and winter crops. One of my co-workers passed this Lettuce Pots blog link along to me and it made me think how fun it would be to have a brunch or dinner party and use smaller pots stuffed with lettuce as centerpieces, something that would be decorative and edible.

If you’re as new to food gardening as I am, Independence Gardens might be a helpful resource for you. Their regular emails and blog are very helpful and they can help you develop a plan for crop rotation to maximize your gardening space (you just have to tell them what fruits and vegetables you like to eat).

I have beans to pick, the tomatoes are ripening (finally!), onions are begging to be pulled out of the ground, fava beans are growing pods like mad, and the kale I planted in the spring is still looking good and is ready for another round of harvesting. The only disappointment this year was the Romanesco cauliflower, which didn’t make the beautiful tight heads I anticipated, and the basil I planted in the ground that is about the same size as when I planted it months ago (the basil in the containers did just fine).

Are you going to try something new in your fall vegetable garden?