A Portuguese Garden: Praça Ibérica!

Bem-vindo! In the 15th and 16th century, Portugal, a small country located south and west of Spain on the Iberian Peninsula, was a global power. Its influence didn’t reach as far as the northwest during its heyday, but you can discover a little bit of Portugal in Portland this year at the Yard, Garden & Patio Show.
Garden designer Izzy Baptista, Lapis Lazuli Tile & Garden Design, and Professional Grounds Management, Inc. will give you a flavor of Portugal with a garden inspired by courtyards often found in small towns and villages. These courtyards are rooted in the Moorish culture where tile and water are traditional elements.
An open rustic arch and gate will welcome you and the garden’s rooms will be revealed in due time. Herbs, stone, inviting seating spaces and water work together to create intimate spaces for entertaining and enjoying friends and family. Hand-painted blue and white Portuguese tiles abound. After a visit to this garden, you may feel that you’ve been transported to another world.