Wrangling Garden Hoses

I do a lot of hand watering of my garden. One of the most frustrating things about gardening for me is keeping the garden hoses unkinked and not in a big mess of a knot when in use and tidy when not in use. I purchase hoses that purport to be kink-free, but so far none have lived up to their promotional promises. Then I’ve struggled with how to keep the hoses reasonably contained in a relatively tidy fashion.

There are lots of options, many of which are expensive, so I wonder which works best. Hose pots look attractive, especially the hammered copper variety; hose reels look more practical; hose trucks, carts and cabinets look functional and durable, but take up lots of space; and then there are the house mounted hose butlers in a myriad of designs. I have three hose connections I need to find solutions for, with hoses ranging from 50 feet to 150 feet.

Do you have a solution that helps you keep your sanity (my neighbors probably fear they have a pirate living next door with all the ARGHHHHHs and explicatives coming from my yard)?!? Please share. I’ll thank you and my neighbors will, too!

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