Who Says Garden Art Has to be Beautiful?

By Gardennia nutii

Oh what a beautiful weekend; the sun was out in full and I took the opportunity to start on some fall cleanup and weeding. This weeding included continuation of a project to eradicate my yard of the wild strawberries that have taken over a large patch in my front yard. While pulling up these torturous plants I discovered two pieces of “garden art” left by the prior owners: a cement squirrel and a small ceramic frog…. complete with bubbly warts.

I promptly threw the squirrel away, but as the morning progressed I found myself continuing to look at this ugly little frog and laugh. Something in its eyes dared me to dig it up from the strawberries…. Let’s just say that it won the staring contest and I now have a visible little green frog peering out from the ever-present strawberries. Is this something I’d ever purchase – let alone put in my yard? No. Is it something that makes me chuckle? Absolutely. Just makes you realize that life can surprise us in small beautiful (not always on the surface) ways.

Do you have a piece of garden art (with or without warts)? Let us know!

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