Summer Garden Pots & Containers

I’ve never been very good at creating exciting container plant combinations and until this year, I’ve never been very good at fertilizing my containers either. To help with the former, I asked gardener Melissa Hoss to give me a hand. As for the latter…Wow! What a difference a little organic plant food makes! I’m enjoying my gregarious containers tucked in the garden and welcoming me and guests at my front door. I’m more container conscious now and am on the lookout for stunning container combinations. Here are a few that I thought had the WOW factor. Enjoy!

Designed by Avant Gardens for shade/part shade. Includes Begonia ‘Concorde’ with Cissus discolor, Stromanthe ‘Tricolor’ and Pilea

A mixed succulent trough container designed by Avant Gardens for sun. Includes Senecio ‘Blazing Glory’, Echeveria, various Sedum, Senecio talinodes and Sedeveria.

Brighten a shady corner of the garden. Photo: The Garden Diaries

Photo: Pinterest

A cheery lime green and white windowbox.

Exploding with sunny color.
Photo: The Garden Diaries

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