Hot Peppers! From Seed to Salsa webinar

“Hot Peppers! From Seed to Salsa” will be the topic of a free Zoom webinar presented from 7–8 p.m. Tuesday, February 7 by the Washington County Master Gardener Association. Ezequiel Lopez-Reyes will talk about planting and growing peppers, and how they relate to Latinx culture. Ezequiel will focus on tips such as the pinching process, when to plant your peppers outdoors, and how to use peppers in the kitchen.

Ezequiel currently works with Latinx families and students in Washington County to help prepare them for life after high school. His love for gardening was passed down to him by his parents. His father was a farmer in Mexico, while his mother worked for 30 years in a plant nursery. Ezequiel says he has grown almost everything you can think of including peppers, limes, tomatoes, cherries, figs, and peaches.

To have access to the webinar, simply complete the advance registration.

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