Retail Nursery Spotlight — 7th Star Nursery, Colton, Oregon

A small nursery offering perennial flowering plants, shrubs and trees, and a large selection of shade plants. Early in the season, they have veggie starts and some annuals.

21851 S. Schieffer Rd., Colton, Oregon 97017

Open 9 a.m.–5 p.m. Wednesdays–Saturdays, March 30 through September 1. Open September–March by appointment.

Phone:  971-244-2090

Are there particular plants in which you specialize?
Semi-unusual perennials.

What is your biggest selling plant?
That’s a hard one … Persicaria virginiana ‘Painter’s Palette’ or tri-color willows.

 What makes your nursery unique?
We’re a small, one-woman nursery. All plants are propagated on site.

What do you offer besides plants?
We have a small selection of planters and yard art, and fresh, handmade lavender wreaths in summer.

What is your advice for the beginning gardener?
Keep at it! You will kill a few before your green thumb kicks in.

How has your nursery changed over the years?
Every year I strive to have a few new varieties to get excited about.

How has gardening changed over the last five years?
We’re seeing more and more native and drought-resistant varieties. Unfortunately, the weather is changing quickly. All Northwest gardeners are going to need to adjust their timetables.

What is the most common question your customers ask, and what is the answer?
They ask how to know when to plant. I refer customers to the local county extension website, or Oregon State University’s website.

What edible plants do you offer, and which are the most popular or unusual?
We have various fruit trees, grapes and berry vines. The most unusual is the Himalayan honeysuckle — most are not familiar with this plant, or don’t know that the berries are edible.

How do millennials garden differently from people from earlier generations?
I am always gratified that they DO still garden. I think that they are very concerned about our changing climate and garden for that reason.

What plants do you find are the tried-and-true, that never go out of style?
I always love daisies (one of my faves) and daylilies.

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