Get Essential Gardening Tips at Garden Discovery Day!

Get Essential Gardening Tips at Garden Discovery Day!

Get Essential Gardening Tips at Garden Discovery Day offered by the OSU Extension Master Gardeners™ of Clackamas County.

Saturday, March 4
8:30 a.m. – Noon

Milwaukie Center
5440 SE Kellogg Creek Drive
Milwaukie, OR

Offered by:
OSU Extension Master Gardeners™ of Clackamas County
Contact: Sherry Sheng,, 503-655-1822

If you have damaged plants from recent weather events or garden soil that is tough to dig, save March 4 for the not-to-miss 8th annual Garden Discovery Day. In one morning, you will gain essential gardening tips to start the 2017 growing season!

Join the fun as we explore the latest gardening know-how through classes, demonstrations, educational displays, and soil pH testing service.

New this year is an extended “clinic” where Master Gardeners will identify your samples of sick plants and pests and suggest remedies.
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Twelve 25-minute classes cover a wide range of topics, from Common Garden Pests and Diseases to Raised Bed Gardening. Gardeners interested in edible plants likely will find Starting Vegetables from Seeds, Growing Blueberries, and Growing Tomatoes helpful.

No space, no problem! Growing Vegetables in Containers provides options for a healthy and attractive mini-garden!

Have damaged plants from snow and ice? Two pruning classes are designed especially to help restore your garden. Basic Pruning demonstrates how to make heading cuts and thinning cuts to reshape your plants. Advanced Pruning shows how best to prune ornamental and fruit trees, flowering shrubs, roses, and ornamental grasses.

Before venturing outdoors, learn about soil. Soil 101 reveals the secret for healthy soil.

March is the perfect time to brush up on Spring Gardening Tips. As temperature begins to rise, learn how to attract Mason Bees to help with early pollination. Managing Slugs and Snails suggests ideas for ridding your garden of these pests before they become active.

Participants take home a handout which succinctly captures key points of each subject. For more information, visit  and click on the “10-Minute University™” tab.