Fingertip Gardening – Smart Phone Garden Apps

Will 2014 be the year I become at least as smart as my smart phone? (I’m a novice Android user and I’m optimistically doubtful.) My smart phone often rests on a rock wall or stump as I work in the garden, but I confess, I haven’t considered using it to help me be a more informed gardener. Have you?

The National Garden Bureau used crowd sourcing to identify popular, useful apps for smart phones. Let me know if you find any of these or other garden apps helpful.

  • Armitage’s Greatest Perennials & Annuals (iPhone and Android; $4.99)
  • Foolproof Plants for Small Gardens (iPhone and Android; $2.99)
  • Purdue Tree Doctor (iPhone and Android; $1.99)
  • Purdue Annual Doctor (iPhone; $0.99)
  • Purdue Perennial Doctor (iPhone; $0.99)
  • Garden Compass (iPhone; Free)
  • Garden Time Planner (iPhone; Free)
  • GardenMinder (iPhone; Free)
  • Leafsnap (iPhone; Free)
  • Plant Diagnostic Sample Submission (iPhone; Free)
  • Our Rose Garden (iPhone; Free)