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In response to Random Acts of Gardening readers requesting before and after design stories, our first story and photos come from landscape designer Roger Miller, owner of Homescaper LLC (503.648.4879).
Roger’s clients live on vineyard property in Laurel, just outside of Hillsboro. The back of the house has a lovely view of their vineyard but the raised deck, which encompasses most of the back side of the house, is too narrow to provide entertainment space for outdoor activities.

Homescaper was hired to design a large entertainment space and planting beds that would remove a significant portion of the lawn and connect two sets of recently added steps. The design needed to provide easy access to the raised deck and create a comfortable space that encourages family, friends and clients to enjoy the beautiful setting.

A design for a 585 square foot stained and stamped concrete patio surrounded by raised beds was approved by the client. Constructed from segmental cement units, the retaining walls were filled with plantings designed to soften and hide the superstructure of the deck. Space was provided in the planting beds for the annuals and color spots that the clients enjoy growing in their greenhouse.

A contractor was hired to install the patio. The clients did all of the soil preparation and installation of the raised beds and flagstone paver paths. Homescaper procured, delivered and placed the plant material and the clients did the planting.

The “after” photographs were taken a little over one year after the plants were installed. What a difference a well thought out design and one year makes!

Roger Miller and his Homescaper portfolio can be found exhibiting at the Yard, Garden & Patio Show or by visiting

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