Best of the Rest

Photo taken at Swan Island Dahlias

Best Flower NameSwan Island Dahlias still has thousands of dahlias in bloom. I had to laugh when I saw a dahlia named Bed Head! It immediately took me back to when I had a perm in the ‘80s and my dad wondered why anyone would pay good money to look like they just got out of bed.

It All Started with 84 Baskets – The nursery industry is filled with interesting and wonderful people and stories. Lisa Meddin, Harmony Design Northwest, tells the story of The Garden Corner and Jonn “J-Dog” Karsseboom, its passionate-about-gardening owner.

Life-Changing Cabbage Feeds 275 – Everyday Health has a new TV series that profiles ordinary people who overcome extraordinary obstacles and who are helping others lead healthier, happier lives. Episode 5 aired October 1 and featured Katie Stagliano, an inspirational 13-year-old girl who founded Katie’s Krops, a movement designed to gets kids to grow food and feed the less fortunate in their communities. Catch a glimpse of the episode. We know you’ll find it inspiring.

Encyclopedia of Life – This Website’s mission is to provide global access to knowledge about life on Earth. Did you know that “because butterflies and moths are always at risk of flying into spider webs, their wings are covered with detachable scales. When these insects are caught in a web or held in the grasp of a predator, the scales pull away freely and thus enable the moth or butterfly to slip away.”

Yard, Garden & Patio Show – Save the date for the 2012 gardening show that kicks off of the spring gardening season in Portland, Ore., February 17-19 at the Oregon Convention Center. This year’s theme is “Think Global. Garden Local” so expect to see wonderful showcase gardens, each with the flavor of a faraway location. Thank you to Dennis’ 7 Dees Landscaping & Garden Centers and our other sponsors and volunteers that make it possible for the Oregon Association of Nurseries to bring the show to you.