Favorite Garden Spaces

I look out at this part of my garden every morning. In summer, the light streams through the tall trees that surround my yard and filters into this part of the patio. It reminds me of a park and gives me an expansive sense of peace. It’s a relaxing way to start the morning peering […]

Nursery conserves resources and improves quality

By Trillium dollar [Editor’s Note: This story is about Heritage Seedlings, a wholesale nursery started in 1981 as a family business by co-owners Mark and Jolly Krautmann. It remains a family-run operation today. Admired around the world, Heritage Seedlings has two goals: 1. Be among the top nursery firms in the country. Offer vigorous, healthy […]

Veggie Corner

This weekend, I finally got around to pruning back grapevines and tearing out overgrown radishes, aphid-covered kale and bolting mustard greens and broccoli. Next is taming the blackberry and raspberry plants. I’m not (yet) a very good farmer and am thankful I don’t have to rely on what I grow to feed myself. I have […]

Trough Love

Kym Pokorny, garden writer and blogger for The Oregonian, and I were determined to make some hypertufa troughs for our gardens. She wanted one for a sunny area. I wanted one for a part-shade area of my patio. We used the “recipe” given to us by Sedum Chicks, which turned out to be easy: Hypertufa […]

What’s old is new again in the plant kingdom

Sometimes “old” is better than new. In the horticulture industry, new plant introductions come at us fast and furiously. The introductions of the new varieties are put on the market as fast as possible to (1) be the first out with a certain attribute, which positions the company or nursery as a trendsetting breeder and/or […]

Free Watering Gauge Kit

This past week in the Pacific Northwest was a hot one and everyone I talked to was concerned about keeping their plants alive during the sudden heat wave. I don’t have a sprinkler system or even drip irrigation or soaker hoses on a timer. That means I hand water everything from pots to new plantings. […]

Sneak a Peek at Nine Gardens

The annual Association of Northwest Landscape Designers (ANLD) garden tour is Saturday, July 10, 10am-4pm, and you don’t want to miss it! Visit www.anld.com/GardenTour.asp for details on where to buy tickets. It’s definitely worth the $20 price, and the funds support scholarships for landscape design students. Gardens are in Northeast and North Portland and east […]

Moss Musings

I have long been fascinated with moss. In fact, as a child I was so enthralled with moss that, before I turned 10, I thought of becoming a botanist specializing in moss. The little “trumpets” that grew above the verdant mounds were fascinating. And I was convinced that fairies inhabited mossy woodlands (I’m still pretty […]

The Life of a Nursery Town

By Trillium Dollar Editor’s note: The nursery industry has a long history in Oregon, with its roots dating back more than 150 years when fruit trees traveled west on the Oregon Trail. I thought you might enjoy the story behind the Orenco name, which many of you may recognize as part of the Hillsboro, Ore. […]

Seeding the Future

by Trillium DollarsI found a comfy chair on the sunny tiki terrace at a garden featured on this Saturday’s Seeding Our Future tour — and nearly didn’t leave. It was that inviting. But moving on, I saw the creations of seven other dedicated gardeners in the Tigard-Tualatin area. You can, too, from 10 a.m. to […]

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