Edible Wild Mushroom Adventure – Sign up NOW!

Steve Schmidt (left) and novice mushroom seekers Ann Murphy (RAG writer and editor) and Jim Wrathall. The Oregon Association of Nurseries is offering Random Acts of Gardening (RAG) readers a unique opportunity, but space is very limited! Join Steve Schmidt, horticulturalist, for a mushroom foraging adventure in the forests near Estacada, Ore. the morning of […]

Leaf Litter vs. Groundcovers

Eventually, I need to redesign my small front yard. A large silver maple dominates the space, both in terms of its size and the prevalence of its roots. It is at least 50 years old and is so large in circumference that when I hug it, my fingertips aren’t even close to touching. The grass […]

Fall Harvest

We all know it wasn’t a very good year in the Northwest for heat-loving fruits and vegetables, particularly the tomato. I made my way over to my community garden plot with my adorable gold retriever, Barney, last night after work to harvest my bean crop. Lo and behold, I found some ripe tomatoes! While Barney […]

Réflexions sur Le Tour…

By Gardennia nutii Most gardeners know that while spring is the most enticing time to plant, fall is the ideal time because cool weather and rain give plants time to “settle in” to their new surroundings. In years past I’ve loaded up on most of my fall additions at two events: the Hardy Plant Society […]

Looking Good

Many plants are still looking great in my garden. Because fall is my favorite season, I have selected many plants that peak in autumn. I thought I would share a few with you (these photos were taken the first week of October). Send us photos and the names of plants that are showing off in […]

Comfort Plants

Macaroni and cheese comes to mind when I think of comfort food. For some reason, when I walked past this amber chrysanthemum on a morning walk with Barney, my adorable golden retriever, it hit me that this was one of my “comfort” plants. It’s not a fancy plant. Nor do I know anyone that raves […]

Fragrant Memories

Humans can distinguish about 10,000 different odor molecules. Research seems to indicate that we learn to like and dislike various odors based on the emotional associations we make upon our initial encounters with them, yet… Our culture places such low value on olfaction that we have never developed a proper vocabulary for it. In A […]

Pumpkin & Farm Events

Oregon is blessed with wonderful autumns and a robust farming community. Marry that with retail nurseries and you have a slice of heaven (and lots of fresh apple pie!). Kym Pokorny and I headed to Bauman Farms & Garden with our adorable dogs Molly (hers) and Barney (mine) to take a look at the giant […]

Who Says Garden Art Has to be Beautiful?

By Gardennia nutii Oh what a beautiful weekend; the sun was out in full and I took the opportunity to start on some fall cleanup and weeding. This weeding included continuation of a project to eradicate my yard of the wild strawberries that have taken over a large patch in my front yard. While pulling […]

Pruning Sumac

I planted ‘Tiger Eyes’ Sumac three or four years ago. In fact, I planted three, I was so smitten with the foliage color and smaller size compared to the species. I’ve already pulled one out due to space constraints (wishing a plant will stay compact isn’t an effective garden design strategy), which found a good […]

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