Seminars for Growing Your Own Food

The interest in growing food isn’t waning. That’s why you’ll find lots of information about fruit and vegetable gardening at the Yard, Garden & Patio Show’s free seminars. Here’s a brief rundown: Friday, Feb. 18 – Oh, Grow Up! Using Vertical Space in Your Vegetable Garden; Is Backyard Beekeeping for You?; and Seed Starting is Great […]

Plants for Early Spring

Pining for spring? In the Pacific Northwest, there are lots of plants to collect in your garden that will get spring off to an early start and lift your spirits. I asked some of my gardening friends—designers, nurserymen/women and garden writers—what plants they considered their early spring favorites. I’ll share their responses over the next […]

Good Intentions

Already the soggy community garden plot beckons. Barney, my adorable golden retriever, and I walk by it regularly in the local park. It doesn’t look very appealing at the moment; even the Tibetan prayer flags that flew above my tomato plants last year look sad and appropriately faded and ragged. Yet I just placed a […]

Tallest Pine

On January 3, 2011, Mario Vaden and Michael Taylor found four very tall Ponderosa pines in the Siskiyou National Forest of southern Oregon; each is tall enough to be a new world’s tallest pine (of any species). At 268 feet, the tallest is the new tallest pine tree in the world! They haven’t scoured the […]

Strolling the garden path

By guest blogger Elizabeth Petersen Photo: Elizabeth Petersen Garden paths are especially important this time of year, when they keep your feet dry on the way to the compost pile. But they have year-round benefits too. They define garden spaces and improve the year-round usability of the garden. They help manage rainwater, allowing it to […]

The Plant List – Getting a Handle on Accepted Latin Names

By Gardennia nutiiI came across an amazing project this morning: The Plant List. The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and Missouri Botanical Garden are working together to list all known plant species and “provide the author or the name, the original place of publication, and whether the name is accepted or is a synonym for another […]

The Sustainable Garden

Many Portland area gardeners are focusing on sustainable gardening practices. This is nothing new, but what does it really mean to gardeners and garden design? Photo: Jamie Coughlin I want to install a rain capture system for about a quarter of my roof. Even though it’s not enough to water my entire yard for our […]

Garden Tool Maintenance

Perhaps this is as good a reason as any for me to make a new year’s resolution (something I seldom do): I know I should take better care of my gardening tools because (1) it will make my work in the garden easier and (2) it will make my tools last longer. I know this—in […]

Spring gardens shows!

Save the date for the 2011 Yard, Garden & Patio Show presented by Dennis’ 7 Dees: February 18-20 at the Oregon Convention Center. It’s the first garden show of the year in the Northwest and you’ll find bigger display gardens, seminars galore, garden art, garden designers and contractors, relaxing beverage gardens, cool plant displays and […]

Let Them Go Green….Again?

By Gardennia nutii What to do with those holiday poinsettias? How about letting them go green just in time for the St. Patrick’s Day holiday? This is the exact sentiment I had a few years ago, a sentiment much to the dismay of our neighbor’s kid who sells poinsettias every year to raise money for […]

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