Spring is almost here and some trees and shrubs are starting to push new growth here in the Northwest. I’m itching to get my hydrangeas and roses pruned, thin out the branches of my Japanese maples to show off the shape of the trees and give the garden its spring cleanup. Random Acts of Gardening […]

Tool Sharpening Party!

Photo: Kate Bryant says: Clean, sharp tools make gardening safer, better for your plants and much more fun. A sharp shovel melts through clods of dirt like butter, and branches can be cut cleanly and with minimal effort with freshly-sharpened blades. Ever seen a tree that’s been pruned with a dull pair of clippers? […]

A Winning Container Combination

Lake Oswego’s Magnolia Manor, perhaps Oregon’s newest retail garden center (they call themselves a boutique nursery), has great taste! Karen Schwartz, their on-staff landscape designer, created this beautiful “first place” display for the 2011 Yard, Garden & Patio Show’s Container Contest. The natural containers complement the plant selection and grouping containers creates a lush effect. Karen […]


By the makers of EarthPot® “At Landscape East & West, we love the EarthPot! They are quick to plant, there’s no plastic pots and mess to pick up after the job is done, and the plants establish faster with no transplant shock!” – Cody Plath, Landscape East & West, Clackamas, Ore. To gardeners, few things […]

Dwarf Conifers

Iseli Nursery trough garden with dwarf conifers The Yard, Garden & Patio Show (YGP) has so many great things to offer that, regrettably, I can’t mention them all. But I wanted you to know that the Western Chapter of the American Conifer Society has a booth at YGP. And they are selling dwarf conifers, many […]

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