Sign up now for Small Farm School

The Clackamas SWCD annual Small Farm School program has moved online this year and will provide Zoom classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from September 17 to November 19. A total of 18 unique sessions will help both seasoned and beginner small-acre landowners understand a wide variety of topics, including livestock production, environmental conservation, marketing, soil […]

Roll up your sleeves: Use multiple strategies to control invasive weeds

They float in the wind, get shaken off pets and wildlife, travel the world stuck to luggage or clothes and hitch rides by plane, ship, train, truck and car. Invasive weeds enter backyards in multiple ways and once there can cause havoc.   “With some of these weeds, you have to fight them forever,” said […]

Slime mold looks ugly in the garden but does no harm

It appears overnight and looks like a horror-show blob that’s slithered its way into your garden. The gross-looking substance known as slime mold shows up on mulch and lawns, but is harmless to plants. Instead it feeds on decaying matter, fungi or bacteria, according to Neil Bell, a horticulturist for Oregon State University Extension Service. […]

Butterflies wing their way into the garden with the proper room and board

Fragile, beautiful and fascinating, butterflies flutter their way into our gardens and seem to just as quickly wing their way out. It isn’t because they necessarily want to leave, said Heather Stoven, an entomologist with the Oregon State University Extension Service. Rather they don’t find what they need to park themselves permanently. As detailed in […]

Take Time Now for a Hydrangea Check Up

Originally appeared at National Gardening Bureau Are Your Hydrangeas Blooming? Every gardener I talk to, especially in the northeast and New England, is doing a happy dance this season: their hydrangeas are in full bloom. Despite temperature fluctuations, the sudden freezing temperatures of November 2019, and the wacky late spring weather we had (hailstorms, sub-freezing […]

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