Zen-Inspired Contemporary Tea House Garden

Wikipedia: The underlying structure of a Japanese garden is determined by the architecture; that is, the framework of enduring elements such as buildings, verandas and terraces, paths, tsukiyama (artificial hills), and stone compositions.

Photo courtesy of http://www.zen.thetao.info/

 This year’s Yard,Garden & Patio Show offers seven gardens of the world plus other landscaped areas around the show floor such as the Garden-to-Table educational garden. Le Confort Française was the first stop on our Random Acts of Gardening world garden tour. Japan is today’s stop.

In the Tea House Garden, you’ll experience a modern interpretation of an authentic Japanese garden. The garden will be created by Iftikhar Ahmed, Treeline Designz, and Baseline Landscapes LLC. Tradition will be interpreted with a contemporary flare. Many elements are hand made by local artisans using locally-sourced material, such as the hand-crafted bonsai gate where you’ll be warmly greeted.

Each step reveals a world of healing, relaxing and therapeutic elements. Linger on the circular path; the stones and green moss will bring your senses to life. Every view and perspective will transport you into a world of ancient comfort with a contemporary touch. Take in your peaceful surroundings as you pass by stone, water elements, raked sand, bamboo foliage and Buddha’s statue on your journey to the tea house and the authentic tea ceremony inside. Caution: the intoxicating effects of this Zen-like garden may cause you to linger and lose track of time.

Stay tuned for the next Random Acts of Gardening for a peek at a Portuguese courtyard garden.