We’re Off! The 2012 Garden Season Kicks in High Floral Gear

We finally have an excuse to start scratching the gardening itch: garden shows! I headed up to the Northwest Flower & Garden Show in Seattle with friends for a sneak peek at spring. What I noticed most was the use of the color red. It was the predominant pop of accent color in the display gardens. Red bark, foliage, art, architecture and flower color led the eye around the displays. We can use that trick in our own gardens for a kick of color when we need it most.

Trend-spotters won’t be surprised that there were lots of miniature garden elements on display and for sale around the show’s marketplace and in one of my perennial favorites—the Container Garden Exhibition—where the designers convey a lot in a little amount of space. My eye went to the more sculptural containers, not my usual style preference.

The last place we stopped was the Plant Market to see if there were any irresistible plants that cried out to us that they needed a good home. I used great self-control; only three Iseli Nursery plants came home with me. All are bound for a trough garden. Now, we’ll see how much self-control I have at the Yard, Garden & Patio Show!