Tool Sharpening Party!


Kate Bryant says: Clean, sharp tools make gardening safer, better for your plants and much more fun. A sharp shovel melts through clods of dirt like butter, and branches can be cut cleanly and with minimal effort with freshly-sharpened blades. Ever seen a tree that’s been pruned with a dull pair of clippers? It’s not pretty. Plus, knowing how to sharpen your tools raises your garden-stud status by at least 25.

Sign up today to join Kate Bryant, garden writer/blogger for Portland Monthly, and Ann Murphy, Director of Marketing and garden blogger for the Oregon Association of Nurseries at 10am on Saturday, March 12 at Livingscape Nursery. The gals from Independence Gardens will show us how to sharpen our garden tools just in time for spring gardening. So bring your trowels, clippers, pruners and other small hand tools that need a tune up. (Just wash off all the dirt with a hose and wire brush first so we don’t get our lovely hosts’ shop too dirty!) If you have a Speedy Sharp Sharpener or other sharpening implement, bring it (and bring gloves, too). We’ll learn the techniques first (including materials needed), then have a chance to sharpen our tools.

10am – Noon
Livingscape Nursery – In the basement at 3926 N. Vancouver Avenue (between Shaver and Fremont), 503.248.0104