Spirea japonica ‘Shirobana’

Ashley Gangle, Pleasant Hill Nursery

Photo courtesy of Pleasant Hill Nursery

‘Shirobana’ spirea is most often recognized for its flower color. Well, I should say flower “colors,” as this plant produces different colored flower clusters on the same plant. Some are deep pink and some are white. However, after seeing this plant in the fall, it’s clear that its contribution to the landscape doesn’t end with the summer blooms. Bright red, orange, and burgundy foliage stands out in the fall landscape. In the spring, you will notice nice green foliage tinged with burgundy.

Photo courtesy of Pleasant Hill Nursery

‘Shirobana’ grows best in full sun, but it will tolerate light shade. It is a tough and carefree plant, tolerating less than ideal soil conditions: ‘Shirobana’ and other Spirea japonica like heavy clay soils. When planted together, they make a nice, informal hedge that has quite an impact when in bloom. ‘Shirobana’ grows to 3 feet high and wide. If you’d like it to stay smaller or to revitalize an older shrub, cut it to the ground after it is done blooming.

Located in Pleasant Hill near Eugene, Pleasant Hill Nursery is a wholesale nursery that also sells retail. They offer ‘Shirobana’ in #3 pots. Find them on the OAN’s online Retail Nursery Guide, at http://www.pleasanthillnursery.com/ or by calling 1-888-373-0318.