‘Shear’ Madness

By Gardennia nutii
Over the years I’ve collected a lot of clippers, shears and shovels. One reason for my extensive collection is that they tend to get misplaced and then uncovered, but the biggest reason is that I’m too lazy to get them sharpened. I buy a nice pair of clippers, use them a few years, and then they end up at the bottom of my tool bin once they become too difficult to use. Well I’m happy to announce an end to all that (at least for this season). I picked up my old lawn mower last week after its yearly tune up and discovered that my favorite garden tool shop handles sharpening too! I’ve taken half my tools in for sharpening….and if my burst of responsible tool maintenance continues, will take the other half in a couple weeks later.

How many clippers have you collected? Are you a tool maintenance pro? Let us know!