Prunus serrulata ‘Snow Goose’

By Ashley Gangle, Pleasant Hill Nursery

In Japan, flowering cherry trees are a source of great national pride. Picnicking under the cherry trees every spring is a tradition called Hanami. If you’ve ever seen a flowering cherry in full bloom it’s easy to understand the cause for celebration. They are absolutely stunning and ‘Snow Goose’ is a prime example of one such stunner. It has a white bloom that lasts for several weeks. The form is upright in the tree’s youth and grows broader at the crown as it matures. If the bloom alone isn’t enough to recommend this tree, the red shiny exfoliating bark is another point in its favor. To top it all off, the autumn color that ranges from orange to deep red just might seal the deal.

Chose a good site for this tree; fast draining and well-aerated soil is ideal. Give it space to grow and show off the beauty of its form. Allow 20 feet for its height and 20 feet for its width. The only pruning required is to remove awkward or crossing branches. This is a fast growing flowering cherry, so plant it this year and in a few years you will have a beautiful tree to sit under and drink tea to celebrate the arrival of spring.

Located in Pleasant Hill near Eugene, Pleasant Hill Nursery is a wholesale nursery that also sells retail. They offer ‘Snow Goose’ in #15 and #25 pots. Find them on the OAN’s online Retail Nursery Guide, at or by calling 1-888-373-0318.