Mother Earth Day

I hadn’t planned on posting an entry today…at least as of yesterday it wasn’t on my schedule of things to get done. Then this morning I remembered that today is Earth Day. It’s a day like Mothers Day or Fathers Day, in that we should honor our mothers and fathers every day but there is one day on the calendar that suggests we should pay special attention to our parents. Such is Earth Day to me, except that I think I’m better at honoring mother earth on a daily basis than I am at honoring my parents (sorry Mom and Dad!).

So I decided to take a quick stroll this morning through my garden before heading into work. Once again I was inspired by the miracle of plants and how gardens and green spaces tug at my heart and soul. Indulge me, please…

Is there anything else that can feed a soul and a body? My peas, fava beans, arugula, lettuce and other greens are emerging as the soil begins to warm. The figs and grapes are starting unfurl their leaves and the columnar apples and blueberries are blossoming. I have much to look forward to with the gift of nourishment, hope and a sense of accomplishment.

Is there anything that can top the Earth’s gift of color, shape and form? The tulips, pansies and heuchera are glowing with purples, oranges, reds and yellows.

Even decay in the garden is a beautiful thing, as is the unfurling of new life and the shape-changing form of ferns.

Anticipation of beauty and expectation vibrates in the garden on this Earth Day and—for me—every day in the garden. And I feel blessed that the other creatures on this Earth—the birds, bees, squirrels, Barney, earthworms—let me share it with them.

Happy Earth Day to you today and everyday.