Let me count the ways…

I try to squeeze in as many Yard, Garden & Patio Show (YGP) seminars as possible in amongst my official OAN duties. The full schedule can be found at www.ygpshow.com/seminars.php. I’ve got to say, there are so many great topics and speakers, it is going to be difficult to choose. (A HUGE thank you to Lucy Hardiman and Nancy Goldman for organizing the roster of talent and topics for us.)

If I had to identify one headliner, it probably would be Dan Hinkley, an internationally renowned plants man, author, plant collect and lecturer, who will be talking about “A Year at Windcliff”, Saturday, Feb. 13 at noon. Windcliff is Dan’s current garden where he has created a naturalistic concoction that is meant to hold interest throughout the year. He formerly gardened at Heronswood. Plants at Windcliff are slanted toward drought tolerance. (A special thanks to Monrovia for sponsoring Dan’s talk.)

Like so many others, my sweetheart is interested in growing his own food. He’s going to have a busy and informative weekend when I tell him about these seminars:

Friday, Feb. 12

  • “DYI Seed Starting Station” (11am) – Willi Galloway
  • “Techniques for Growing Heritage Vegetables Year-Round” (3pm) – Bill Thorness

Saturday, Feb. 13

  • “Growing Food in Containers” (11am) by Rose Marie Nichols McGee
  • “The Secrets to Successful Vegetable Gardening” (1:30pm) – Ed Hume
  • “Growing Heat-Loving Veggies and Herbs in the Northwest” (3:30pm) – Willi Galloway

Sunday, Feb. 14

  • “What’s New in the Vegetable Garden (10:30am) – Rose Marie Nichols McGee
  • “Pruning Grapes, Blueberries & Fruit Trees (11am) – Glen Andresen
  • “Edible Gardening 101 (2pm) – Jack & Mark Bigej

Me? I love pretty pictures and thinking about my garden in different ways so I tend toward design-related topics, of which there are many (too many to mention here). If titles alone were considered, I’d listen in on Laura Crockett’s “Bringing the Alchemy of Water into Your Garden” (Fri. at 10:30am), “Gardening Bloopers: Expert Gardeners Confess their Worst Bloopers” (Sat. at 1:30), or Sunday’s “Loquacious About Lilies” (3pm). Loquacious…what a luscious word!

Please join us at this year’s Yard, Garden & Patio Show.

Yard, Garden & Patio Show