Hosta of the Year

To help gardeners choose reliable plants, some associations come up with their plant(s) of the year. Great Plant Picks ( is a wonderful resource for gardeners in the Northwest, west of the Cascades. But some organizations select plants that perform well in most areas of the country.

The American Hosta Growers Association released it’s selection for 2010 Hosta of the Year: First Frost. ‘First Frost’ is a frosty white-edged sport of ‘Halcyon’. It grows 16″ x 34″ and is considered to be a medium-size hosta. Blue leaves emerge with a wide margin the color of the center of ‘June’ (another ‘Halcyon’ sport and 2001 Hosta of the Year) and then turns pure white if grown in half a day of bright light. Lavender flowers bloom in July. It has excellent color and substance, and will look unblemished in the garden until the “first frost.”

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