Herds of Worms…

By Gardennia nutii

I’ve been thinking a lot about worms lately. Not just because they’ve been working their magic in my soil, but the heavy rain has driven them out of the earth and I’ve been trying not to step on them while out on my walks. Well…it looks like a lot of people have been thinking about worms because a new study shows that they form herds, make group decisions and “use touch to communicate and influence each other’s behavior.” Read more about this discovery in this BBC article.

Also, Christopher Lloyd, the author of What on Earth Evolved?, ranked earthworms at the top of the “most successful species” list. I haven’t read the book yet (it’s in my library queue), but have heard several interviews and can’t wait to find our more about these lovely wriggly creatures. They have survived five extinction events and have been especially helpful to our civilization by plowing and fertilizing the soil…in herds apparently.

How do you invite worms into your garden? We’d like to know.