Discovering New Nurseries

One of my favorite things to do is visit nurseries. My bank account doesn’t benefit from this passion, but my garden and soul rejoice!

Since February, I’d been thinking about visiting Magnolia Manor in Lake Oswego, one of Oregon’s newest garden centers (they call themselves a boutique nursery). Karen Schwartz, staff landscape designer at Magnolia Manor, designed and helped create the Incredible Edible Garden at the Yard, Garden & Patio Show and she designed the container display that received the first place prize. I thought I was going to visit in April for an event that sounded like a lot of fun: the owner, Jane Coombes, is English and in honor of the recent royal marriage, Magnolia Manor celebrated with High Tea. I finally managed to get there a few weeks ago, prompted by a comment made by one of the home/garden owners on the ANLD Behind-the-Scenes Garden Tour. He told me Magnolia Manor had very helpful staff and great plants. Since I was just a few blocks away, I made two left turns and was greeted by a colorful display of plants and owner, Jane. The homeowner was right: she was helpful and the nursery had some lovely, healthy plants. I left with the perfect houseplant I needed. They also offer a nice gift selection.