“Charmed, I’m sure.”

If the adjective “charming” manifest in the flower world, I think it would have to be as the common snowdrop from the Galanthus family. Having the power to delight or attract people is the definition of the word charming and that’s exactly what this little bulb does each time I see one.

Last year for my January birthday, a friend gave me a tiny blue and white vase filled with these delightful winter blooms. I was charmed and smitten. They also had a light, sweet fragrance as I recall…an added bonus (and they sport my favorite color of green on their petals!).

This year, as I’ve walked Barney (my adorable golden retriever) around the neighborhood, I’ve come across several patches of snowdrops and they inevitably make me stop and smile. They cause me pause—in my purposeful walk and in my busy mind. What a wonderful gift of the present and happiness they give me.

But even with all this goodness, I don’t have any in my garden…yet. Their cousin Leucojum is a larger, later blooming version of the early snowdrop and I did succumb to buying 50 of these bulbs from Wooden Shoe Bulb Company in the fall, but I think my woodland garden needs the spirit of the snowdrop, too.