Got a gardening question? Get an answer from an OSU Extension expert

Got a gardening question? Get...

Searching the internet for gardening information is quick but...
The winter garden doesn’t have to be bare of flowers

The winter garden doesn’t have...

Plants that bravely bloom in winter come into color when we need...
Just say ‘no’ to bad gardening practices

Just say ‘no’ to bad gardening...

No one likes to be told “no,” but sometimes you’ve got to buck up...

Plants Make Life Better







Explore Oregon’s Public Gardens

In a state as green as Oregon, you don’t have to venture far to find many amazing public gardens. Visit Oregon’s public gardens and find your inspiration!

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Order your FREE Retail Nurseries and Garden Center Guide! Our beautiful, full-color map shows the locations of OAN-member retail nurseries in Oregon & Southwest Washington.

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Plants Make Life Better

Plants make life better! Research has proven that plants benefit all of us in many ways — some obvious, and some not so obvious. What benefits? Check out these flyers and see.

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Million Pollinator Garden Challenge

A campaign to register a million public and private gardens and landscapes to support pollinators. From individuals, to schools, community groups, and businesses – everyone can make a difference!

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